Your Life In Flow

Updated: Sep 1

You sit upon your comforting chair

Your face lit by an array of candles

Your stomach floating

Heart beating

Mind resting

Alone to the world

Alone to understand

You are safe within yourself

It may never have occurred until this day

That happiness is not felt alone

People make you feel happy

Things make you feel happy

Situations make you feel happy

Memories make you feel happy

They all make you smile, laugh, feel safe and feel good

People say ' I want to be happy '

What brings you happiness?

Happiness isn't something you look for

Nor is it something to be a permanent part of you

It is something that accompanies something

Though there is no need to rely on this feeling

To notice a sense of relaxation and peace

When you feel like this

Life is so balanced in perspective

Though pain, hurt and struggle may seem so frequent in your life

Some things guide your mind away

To a presence and a vast sense of flow

Don't hold onto this experience

You need to loosen your grip and let go

It will return if you believe that there is no need to look

It's all their bathed within your future situations, moments and those you are present with.

Never be afraid to cry

To hurt, to smile, to laugh, to let happiness rise up

Everything is inside you

Gently awoken by your momentous life

You have that sense of what fires up joy

Take a breath, listen in to your body

Let it carry you to what matters

This grounded sense of value

Leads to a beautiful life

Let it be and let it go

Your life in flow

-- Owen Morgan, The Wellbeing Poet

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