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 I immediately felt comfortable with Owen as his approach is that of a person who genuinely cares. I could tell he has a true desire to help me navigate through, and find solutions for the things I’m struggling with. I also appreciate his technique being one that not only helps me process past trauma, but also teaches me things

I can do in my day to day life that help me

center myself, and retrain the way I react

to things that happened in my past when they

are inevitably on my mind.

Nicholas Murray, USA


Owen’s approach is refreshingly distinctive, in that it combines all the parts of the healing puzzle.  Talk therapy, action/forward planning life coaching, somatic experiencing practices, neuroscience, polyvagal practices, understanding the nervous system and where you’re at on the polyvagal ladder all in an incredibly genuine, caring, informative professional approach beyond what I’ve ever experienced in previous therapeutic modalities. 

Jo Palmer, Australia


Working with Owen is easy because I feel like I’m talking to a friend rather than a coach or a therapist. I felt comfortable being completely vulnerable during our sessions, and because of that I feel like I’m growing, and shedding the weight of issues that have lingered in my mind for too many years. 

Nicholas Murray, USA


I liked the questions as they were easy to understand and Owen explained how they were relatable to my everyday life. The format meant

I gained insight into myself and how I react to situations just by answering questions. This process taught me more about myself than months of therapy with another coach. Each question made me really think about how I approach/ relate to situations or relationships. It gives you a real insight into who you are! 

Hannah Irving, UK


I learnt that I can really benefit from a handful of key somatic practices to guide my adult self through these everyday challenges where our younger parts are activated and triggered, taking us back to those traumatic moments.  These somatic practices show us we’re now safe and seen and now as adults, we’ve got the tools to get through these times now.  I can and am now relying on myself for grounded regulation.  I gained knowledge of the impact that particular moments of my past have had on me, how they arise in my adult life and how to diffuse them via processing, the right therapy, acknowledging and self-growth work.

Jo Palmer, Australia


I learned that I was still living in a "trauma" mentality but in reality, I was more healed than I thought. It helped me move out of the negative mindset and narrative I had been telling myself for decades. Owen's coaching has really helped me heal and move on to a happier more positive frame of mind. I would highly recommend Owen to anyone needing coaching. 

Hannah Irving, UK


Working with Owen has taught me that I do have the ability to grow, and that I don’t have to live my life with constant anxiety, and stress. Before I started working with Owen I was living in a way that I just accepted I wasn’t going to feel good a lot of the time. Owen is teaching me that I deserve a happier, more peaceful life, and helping me reach it. I’m so thankful that I met him and decided to try his program. 

Nicholas Murray, USA


Owen's coaching is the best I have experienced. Not only did he explain what each program entailed but how each aspect was connected to everyday life. Through his coaching and guidance, I was able to see how far I had come on my healing journey and which areas I needed to focus on. 

Hannah Irving, UK

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